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  • The fast, flexible way to capture, share and monetize food production data
    NotaZone solves the problem of quickly and accurately assuring your food production processes using active labelling. An easy-to-use, inexpensive system that helps you improve collaboration, reduce paperwork and make more money.
  • Go paperless!
    Tired of trying to find scraps of paper or well-hidden emails at a critical moment? NotaZone helps you digitise all your process paperwork; critical communications; and compliance information into a single online library that can be accessed for inspection instantaneously, from anywhere.
  • NotaZone Reporting Suite
    Managers often struggle to get a quick and complete overview of the production process, QC issues and stocking Situation. NotaZone has built-in on-the-fly reporting that offers a range of standard reports and customised reports that deliver a real-time status snapshot.
  • NotaZone Traceability
    When things go wrong it is not always easy to trace the problem back to the root cause. NotaZone solves that problem by allowing you to track every unit as it moves through the production process, storing the data for later retrieval and assessment.
  • NotaZone Stock Management
    Keeping tabs on where goods are currently stored can be a frustrating process in a paper-based system. NotaZone makes it quick and easy to track and update the warehouse location of your batches, saving time and improving the efficiency of your warehousing process.
  • NotaZone Recipe Management
    Using the NotaZone Recipe Management System moves recipes from a desktop or paper based application to a cloud based solution that allows staff to collaborate and work on their recipe data quickly and efficiently. Add new recipes or make changes from anywhere, even on the go, and ensure that your team are always referencing the most recent version of their data.
  • NotaZone Production Planning
    The NotaZone Production Planning module helps you create production manufacturing plans and detailed schedules that increase production throughput and optimises inventory of finished goods and raw materials. You can save time and costs across your production process and meet your goals with accurate, effective production plans that minimise resource constraints. Manufacturing planning time is reduced significantly, even in highly complex production environments.
  • NotaZone Customer Orders
    Whether handling a dozen or hundreds of sales orders, NotaZone ensures businesses can manage their order processing in a fast and organised fashion. Easy to use, and efficient, NotaZone Customer Orders is adapted to meet the specific needs of the food and drinks industry. NotaZone ensures that Commercial staff fully maximise their opportunities and all order management processes are handled in an intuitive and streamlined manner to deliver great customer service.
  • NotaZone HACCP Data Management
    HACCP is a systematic approach to production that is designed to prevent hazards from occurring. HACCP compliance is one of those tasks that just needs to be done right. Any mistakes in food safety can have very costly consequences - including prison sentences. NotaZone makes it easy to track all your HACCPs data & documentation quickly and easily, giving you complete peace of mind. The NotaZone HACCPs mobile app makes it simple for staff to record HACCP information quickly in their normal production work flow.

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